Day: July 21, 2020

Frame Introduces Live Video Shopping Series With Bambuser

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Since the pandemic, the retail industry has undergone monumental transformations. With technology at the forefront, shopping has looked a little different both in experience and priority and e-commerce has soared.

In many ways, the capabilities of video became reignited, from work from home Zoom calls to a series of films that replaced this couture season. Streaming has also risen as a way for businesses to reach consumers, who — while quarantining at home — have had more time to spend online and on social media.

In late June, Frame entered into a four-month pilot agreement with Bambuser AB to bring its consumers a new kind of shopping experience through live video shopping.

“This partnership allows us to create an even more immersive shopping experience and engage with our customers in real-time in circumstances when we can’t interact in-person,” said Jens Grede,

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The 30 Best Charities To Donate To In The Us

The relaxation, funnily sufficient, someplace makes it into the likes of director David Thelen’s pockets. Unless you need your cash to go toward lawsuits (it’s already coughed up $200,000 to Iowa, Florida, and Texas), take my recommendation and find another charity to assist… although ideally one on another record to this one. With tens of millions of fine Samaritans often donating a portion of their paycheck to good causes, charities are booming… sadly, not the entire money going into them is coming out the best way we think. The amount that actually makes its way to where you think it’s going finally ends up representing only a tiny fraction of the donation. Of course, we’ve no wish to tarnish all charities with the identical brush, and by and huge, most philanthropic foundations do exactly what they advertise on the tin.

The Oklahoma-based mostly group offers medicine to humanitarian missions around … Read More