Trends in Diamond Jewelry You Can Consider For Your Wedding

Trends in Diamond Jewellery You Can Consider For Your Wedding

Choosing diamond jewelry isn’t a simple thing, especially with the wide choice retailers and designer brands put into the market every new season. So if you’re planning to go shopping wondering what you must add to your diamond jewelry collection this year, here are a few tips and trends you could carry along.

Cynthia Sliwa, an authority on the jewelry industry, speaks of 4 new trends that made their appearance at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year. First – small stud earrings, a subtle precursor to a striking diamond necklace. Natalie Portman’s ensemble – simple ear studs and dramatic Tiffany diamond necklace – was an apt example.

Simple bracelets were in vogue with the celebrity ladies, probably due to the long-sleeved gowns that made a strong statement this year. Small earrings made a big impression this year. So much that Julianne Moore’s lack of earrings was more noticeable than her brilliant Bulgari choker.

Moving on to other independent forecasts brings us to Lisa Jesse’s report on jewelry trends for 2011. An experienced hand in the business, her glittering predictions for years include traditional jewelry designs, audacious rings, large hoops and chandeliers for the ears, and simple yet unusually designed necklaces.

Diamond Jewelry For Wedding

About diamond wedding jewelry trends in 2011: Being a once in a lifetime occasion, the tried and tested routes are taken with minor changes. So classic stays in. Diamond journey necklaces, studs for the ears, and dainty bracelets are most likely to be seen on walks down the aisle.

Add-on jewelry was a favorite as well. Rings, broaches, and clips made impressive statements as supplementary accouterments. The custom 3 stones engagement rings by turned out to be head turners.

Even though most choices will remain with classic jewelry, bold pieces may be used as accessories. Hanging earrings, cuffs, bracelets, and studded hoops will be in vogue. Improvisation will be out in bold lines. For example, a diamond necklace could be twined around the hand and become a trendy bracelet.

Celestial designs will be the top pick this year. Star and moon-shaped jewelry with a sprinkling of diamonds will be a crowd favorite, along with flower motifs that will emerge in force around spring.

Black and white will be the top pick among contrasting color combinations. Dark metals encrusted with diamonds will be a favorite, as will black diamonds on white metal. White on white as always would continue to have a following among diamond jewelry lovers.

Irrespective of age, people love jewelry with a history that’s spread over generations. Therefore, antique-style pieces will have a set of loyalists, from coins to Grandma’s diamond pendants around the neck.

That they should give you a fair idea of the trends to keep in mind if you are shopping for diamond jewelry, the shapes, sizes, colors, and combinations that will be on top of the charts this year, if, however you fall in love with a piece that’s not on the predictions, do not hesitate to follow your heart. It will be a statement of your individuality and perhaps a new trend for others to follow.